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Opening Tucano's at Senayan City

Jakarta, July 10th 2020


A Brazilian churrasco is new introduced in Jakarta by newly open the third restaurant, Tucano’s Churrascaria BBQ is located at Senayan City Mall, LG floor. And open on July 10th 2020 Tucano’s will bring unique and different All-You-Can-Eat concept experience for Jakarta meat lovers.

Named after Brazilian Bird, Tucano’s brings the festive of best quality meat with authentic Brazilian style BBQ Churrasco (shoe-HAS-ko) concept and grilled meat that is cooked on 900 degrees temperature by a special machine, where restaurants servers provide an endless supply of grilled meat cuts directly to patron’s table. Customers can experience this unique serving style when the chefs will move around the restaurant with the skewers and slicing meat onto the customer’s plate as requested by the famous Tucano’s cue.

We serve various types of Beef such as Picanha (Prime Top Sirloin), Alcatra (Top Sirloin), Fraldinha (Hanging Tender), Garlic Steak (Top Sirloin), Spicy Steak (Top Sirloin), Lamb Leg, Cupim (Beef Hump), Beef Sausage, Coracao (Chicken Heart), Frango (Chicken Leg) and Grilled Pineapple.

We also serve over 70 various types of international buffets such as Brazilian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Italian dishes. And buffet style served by staff following the protocol sanitize of government regulation. 

Tucano’s ambience is the jungle and amazon concept environment. We provide a smoking area and non-smoking area. We have 3 private rooms and can combine, wide space for dining area and space between table.

Our Categories Package variety start from:

Churrasco Package start from 168.000++

Kids Package start from 84.000++

Senior Package start from 128.000++ ( 65 yo above)

Churrasco Platter start from 88.000++

Buffet Package start from 158.000++

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