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Committed to bringing Hokkaido’s finest quality to Jakarta

Hokkaido is blessed with the wondrous bounty of both the sea and land. It is renowned all over the world for the freshness of its seafood and superb quality of beef, vegetables, and dairy. Hokkaido Izakaya’s menu is a reflection of this abundance, as well as

Hokkaido’s culinary culture. Officially recognised by Hokkaido cities, Hokkaido Izakaya imports fresh ingredients from the Hokkaido towns of Yakumo, Akkeshi, Furano, and Kamishihoro. At Hokkaido Izakaya, they strive to serve high-quality Hokkaido food at reasonable prices in a casual, energetic atmosphere where customers come to drink and enjoy authentic food with friends and colleagues after a long day of work.

Located in Pavilion Arcade Jakarta, Hokkaido Izakaya is recognised for its Hokkaido cuisine. It serves the best of Hokkaido’s produce from the town of Yakumo, Akkeshi, and Horokanai. Prepared by Chef Koizumi Hiroshi, native-born from Hokkaido, seasonal ingredients and menu items will also be imported and prepared when available

“We are committed to bringing Hokkaido’s finest quality to Jakarta by serving the best ingredients while providing a relaxed and casual dining atmosphere of an Izakaya, that will transport diners into the ambience of Hokkaido.” closed Chef Koizumi.

Our restaurant location:
Hokkaido Izakaya - Pavilion Retail Arcade
JL. K.H Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta Pusat
P. 021 - 2902-3271   M. 0811-9212-200