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‘’ You will experience Italian food like never before

The name LIBERTÁ (Italian for freedom) is rooted in our belief that there should not be any rules & restrictions when it comes to serving our customers the very best. We took the liberty of collecting inspirations from around the world, curating the very best dishes that we are proud to present on a plate. In LIBERTÁ, you will experience Italian food like never before - with influences from Italian cuisines served in cities all around the world. We use unconventional ingredients that are not necessarily Italian, while integrating them into traditional Italian dishes as a delightful twist

While our main objective is to serve our customers the most delicious food and beverages for you to crave for, it is also crucial for us to make sure that our customers feel most at home.  LIBERTÁ’s purpose is to create a space of lifestyle. From our warm & intimate ambiance, to the friendly servers who are easy for our customers to connect with, we believe that these factors - complemented with our delicious homemade dishes, are what makes Liberta your home away from home. We hope that the city of Jakarta would welcome this concept with a warm welcome.

LIBERTA restaurant is just like LA, modern, fresh and freedom. Our ambience is modern red brick warehouse style, our pasta, pizza and bread are home made and our food & drink are fresh and tasty, our staff serve you friendly and warmly.  


Every city has one restaurant that becomes an icon for that city’s essence and split. We produce modern style of Italian restaurant here in Pavillion in Sudirman Jakarta, as an icon, people gather here. LIBERTA restaurant is the place to have come together for good times and to enjoy significant moments. 

Located in the heart of CBD - very accessible after work/ in the weekends. For special occasions or just when you feel like enjoying some good food & company.

Our restaurant location:

Liberta - Pavilion Retail Arcade

JL. K.H Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta Pusat

P. 021 - 5794-1500 M. 0811-900-7973